Warm and pear

The series of Kinwai California sky pass on the fresh and simple natural essence, making home to be delicate and warm. The combinations of melamine board and solid wood components have high definition and simulation in strong sense of natural wood feeling. Smooth lines, warm color and simple shape can help to erase tiredness when you back home.

California Resort Series Comfortable and Joyful

There is a pursuit in the world called simplicity

The smoothly line, warm color and simple shape outlines the beauty of simplicity, creating the own space

Living room collection

Simple life

The use of Natural solid wood components and ecofriendly melamine board makes the living room in Nordic lifestyles.

  • Care about your household

    A combination of board and wood reinforces the feeling of solid wood. The design of round curve and round edge break the regular straight edge and right angle. Enhancing the safety of household

Dining room

Good tasted

The Kinwai dining room sets are created by the simple outlines. It has many modern designs to satisfy the need of different lifestyles. You are surrounded by the joyful when you have dinner with Kinwai dining room furniture.

  • 3D effect melamine lamination

    Melamine boards imported from Schattdecor. Surface of the board is high heat resistance, hardness, and strength which feature environmental protection, durable and a perfect representation of the color, refined grain and soft gloss of natural wood.

European E1 standard MDF and particleboard with ecofriendly painting

MDF and particleboard are under E1, D and JAS standard, combine with environmental-friendly painting to have lower formaldehyde content, and free from pungent odor.

Bedroom collection

Dream home
  • Advanced edge banding make furniture beautiful and durable

    Edge banding machines are imported from Germany, can make the PVC edge banding in 1mm and 0.5mm. It will have polish process after banding to make the edge smoother, looks better. Increasing the Moisture proof effect and durability for the furniture.

Study room collection


DIY bookcases can be combined with a variety of desktops. It can make you to enjoy with more thinking and Internet surfing

  • Smart and durable accessories

    The accessories are from a famous brand in Italy, soft closing drawers and door hinge system are safe, durable and free from the noise.

定制温馨家居 幸福如期而至



  • 人性板木结合


  • 美耐米技术木纹饰面


  • 精选优质板材、环保涂料


  • 先进设备精封边


  • 意大利赛腾五金件


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