Kinwai sofa, with its brand name ”Kinwai”,engaging in manufacture,design, marketing of middle and high level sofa. It owns its independent R&D department and material testing lab, gathering the excellent designers all over the world. The company explores to find out the best combination between science and art, mixing HumanEngineering into material, design, usage and service. Kinwai sofa aims to become the international famous brand, starting a new exploration of Human Mechanics in sofa.

Following the principle of “Keep every promise fulfilled, create each minute effective”,Kinwai sofa emerges from the excellent brands in domestic market with its strong brand culture, fantastic products and service.

Dignified fashion temperament

The classical light brown is representing a King manner and emitting a charm of strong coffee. The modern can’t help falling in love with it. The wide seat and adjustable backrest are extremely suitable for someone long for freedom like you.

Romantic honeymoon feeling

The gentle wind of summer is blowing the window screen where the sun leaves fragment on it. Getting close with your loved one on the Kinwai sofa, and stretching yourself casually. You don’t need to go travelling, because you can enjoy romantic experience at home.

Design your own fashion

Elegant and generous shape, simple and smooth line design, providing you a quiet and comfortable living environment.

Top grain cowhide imported from Italia

  • exquisite fibrous tissue

  • Smooth and delicate cortex

  • excellent waterproof performance

  • beautiful grain

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  • 北京
  • 安徽
  • 福建
  • 甘肃
  • 广东
  • 广西
  • 贵州
  • 海南
  • 河北
  • 河南
  • 黑龙江
  • 湖北
  • 湖南
  • 吉林
  • 江苏
  • 江西
  • 辽宁
  • 内蒙古
  • 宁夏
  • 青海
  • 山东
  • 山西
  • 陕西
  • 上海
  • 四川
  • 天津
  • 西藏
  • 新疆
  • 云南
  • 浙江
  • 重庆
  • 香港
  • 澳门
  • 台湾



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