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The European fashion collection was created by remarkable French designers Francine and Fabrice Leduc, the chief designers of the famous home furnishing institution - “DENAU Global Design Studio” in France, and it took over one year to complete. The products are integrated into the romance of France and redefined the new taste of home life. Products use the beauty of simple geometric lines, recreating the simple beauty of French architecture; multi-material and multi-colored collocations show the French bold and avant-garde sense of fashion.

Living Room

European fashion series is devoted to create a home atmosphere with a world culture and art style that closely follows fashion trends and international trends.

Dining Room

The dynamic geometry and arc blending together, rich colors of piano lacquer convey the experienced French furniture designer's dedication.

Aluminum alloy die-casting technology Combination of fashion and practicality

The elegant and special aluminum alloy feet of cabinets, sofas and beds are crafted from the die-casting process. The Y-shape requires special attention to the problem of uniform force. And only high accuracy can ensure that the length and size of the two ends of the force are equivalent. Therefore, strict control is required for every process of raw materials selection, molds creating and die-casting.

  • 45° miter cutting creates 360° perfect details

    The European Fashion Collection deeply focused on the fine detailing. The overall minimalist details are not simple. The edge of the plate ends at 45° shows a three-dimensional, stylish and artistic sense no matter what direction it is viewed. The accuracy of the mold opening process is highly required, in order to present the perfect effect of 45° miter cutting.

  • Bedroom

    With exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated materials, bold and avant-garde use, multi-material and multi-color collisions, the new elaboration of the definition of youth trends meets your personality needs, making each detail the ultimate interpretation of French aesthetics.

North American walnut provide a wonderful texture

The selection of high-quality North American imported walnut, after the deep processing, still clearly retains the fine texture and natural color of walnut. With the semi-open coating, the wood's original woody feel is retained more effectively, provide a strong and fullness sense of touch exactly.

Study Room

The color of the home is the soul of a space. The designer matches the colors to make the space more attractive.

法国原创设计 时尚潮流臻品



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