The San Diego series uses imported beech wood and pine wood as raw materials, ingeniously blending American classic elements with modern design. The products are ingenious in detail processing. Apart from the complicated and heavy design, retain the classic and elegant arc, making the products more fashionable and younger. The natural and original wood color, ivory and sea sky blue collide with the original wood color, making you feel like you are in the leisurely environment of blue sea, blue sky, white sand and fine sand in San Diego, and let your home delicately reproduce the uniqueness of the American style.

Enjoy the sunshine of Santiago

Time seems to be meaningless here as every day is a casual sunny day. The splendid European and American civilizations carved on ancient materials have been refined into classics by the time and bloom in a highly fashionable urban space. There may not be eye-catching surprises, but each one deserves to be tasted for many years.

Since we move to manhatan, new york in 1998

we have become the chief designers of a famous decoration company

from the starting point of interns.Along these 20 years we have engaged in architectural design and residential desing for those who are willing to spend

money for their life. By and by, we get used to this remarkable life that was labeled as beautiful

artistic and manifesting wealth and taste deliberately. We get accustomed to the so-called upper class life which is full

of luxuries and established on the basis of wealth and the purpose to show off wealth.

Living room

Featured Beech imported from Europe
Bring you the best American furniture

New York series furniture combines classical and modern elements, fade out the lavish and exaggerated decoration of American classical furniture.

  • Life is safer with rounded corners

    All edges and corners are carefully polished, smooth and rounded to create a luxurious texture.

Dining room

Featured Beech imported from Europe
Superb cuisine, a lifetime of elegance

Imported Douglas-fir tabletop clear and uniform wood grain, curved beautiful horizontal solid wood columns, all reflect the uniqueness and comfort of the unique neo-classical furniture. Natural old golden chestnut, through the traces of time, experience the vicissitudes of history, the integration of European classical elements make history and culture close to the essence of life, showing the tolerance and tolerance of the time of the year round.

  • Made by American solid wood

    It is made of imported beech and Douglas-fir solid wood. The performance of the beech is stable, the grain is natural in color and beautiful, the texture is hard, and the color is bright and beautiful. The Douglas-fir is fully showing American characteristics, the material is tenacious, full of elasticity, and durable. The combination of two types of wood makes the furniture more natural and durable.

Bed room

Featured Beech imported from Europe

Tidiness is a kind of beauty, classify the garments in varieties or hanging in closet, it's not

only convenient in garment protection,but also more aesthetic and orderly visually. It's old saying life is a stage, on this stage, everyon is playing their own role width various custom

and tools. The fabulous dress for classy social party, the vigorous polo shirt for sport field, the affable

ozy suit for family reunion time, the down quilt coat for winter, the t-shirt for summer...

all are hidden in secret drawer, in open shelf, to fold or to hang, just in classification, every piece is perfectly stored.

Splendid wardrobe function makes wardrobe is your ideal assistant to contribute your high quality life besides beautifying the vardrobe appearance.

Water-based environmental lacquer--- More environmentally friendly and more beautiful

KINWAI take advanced painting machine with Brand DABAO Water-based environmental lacquer, makes product environment, bright and beautiful

study room

Featured Beech imported from Europe


Luxury and gorgeousness
Magnificent and splendid space
  • High quality American zinc alloy hardware

    Famous brand DTC, retro style, durable, highlight quality

定制新美式时尚 享受浪漫的本色情调


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