Fashion. Walnut + light

Miami series is dedicated to creating home with exclusive fashionable lifestyle concept for you who have deep love of fashion and a keen sensation of trends.

The creative use of exquisite texture, natural walnut wood veneer finish and the high glossy white lacquer finish construct a strong visual impact. The big crown cut veneer grains of walnut wood is a gorgeous pattern that makes it possible to form a pleasing decoration. The patterns and the design integrated with modern European fashion complement each other, creating a home displays fashion trend everywhere.

Love, do not need many reasons, because at this dreamless night, in the company of moon and stars is enough. Falling in love with you makes it better night!

Living room collection

Sunshine Style

Simple living room, cozy sofa, soft walnut texture, white glossy color shows a strong sense of space

  • American walnut Great sense of touch

    Miami series adopts high quality North American imported walnut. After multiple processing, it preserves the exquisite texture and natural color of walnut clearly and retains wood texture effectively with semi open coated, present you a strong and fullness sense of sensation.

  • Multiple-layer PU painting Smooth and delicate surface

    White gloss lacquer is the most challenging technique process. Therefore, Kinwai applies two independent painting processes creatively. At the beginning, the panel will be UV dried and sanded to make sure it’s free of dust. Then to paint with 2 layers of UV as bottom lacquer. In this procedure the panel will be stained with color and a closed protective layer will be formed. Afterwards, unique formulated high gloss lacquer will be sprayed to the surface in 2 layers. To achieve the separate color effect, the light lacquer will be sprayed on the surface first, and followed by the light one. Compared to the single color painting, our process needs 5 more treatments to get the final effect. When the lacquer is done, it will shine like a mirror. The coating is smooth and delicate, uniform color, leaving no fingerprints after touching, excellent anti-yellowing properties.

Dining room series

Romantic story

Among the dining series from KINWAI furniture, there is a variety of sizes, colors and shape of the table, waiting you to select, prepare your family dinner, a easy lunch, afternoon tea sweet or large dinner gathering to show their talents.

  • Miami series adopts Italy high-quality brand Danco hardware fittings. The door hinge and rail strictly meet the standard of no less than 54,000 times opening and closing test. The hidden mute rail can realize smooth slide and sound elimination, leaving you a peaceful life space.

Bedroom collection

Fantasy trip

Integrated assembly Comprehensive and stable structure

To ensure the stability of the internal structure of furniture in all directions, Kinwai fully assembles the product by using the hot pressing and controlling arm equipment. The product is integrally shaped and durable. In addition to chair which has more influence by force. We insert the connecting part between the seat plate and the supporting foot into the 5mm deep groove to ensure its durability and stability.

  • Intelligent lighting system details of humanized care

    Kinwai is integrated into the humanized design. LED lighting system and socket switch are installed on the bedside cupboard. Every detail of daily life is under consideration.

study room


The spacious bookcase can match with various different size computer desk. You can enjoy the joy that internet brings you while you’re deep thinking.

定制亮光与木纹的碰撞 时尚与格调并存


迈阿密系列风格热爱时尚、潮流前卫、格调时尚。 创新选用纹理细腻、色泽天然的胡桃木与钢琴漆面的亮光板材相搭配,营造出强烈的视觉冲击效果,胡桃木弦切面为美丽的大抛物线花纹,可以形成赏心悦目的装饰图案,与融入了欧洲现代时尚的设计相得益彰,让您的家无处不透露着时尚潮流气息。

  • 北美A级胡桃木


  • 多重亮面喷涂


  • 一体式尖端组装


  • 意大利顶高五金件


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